Q-Zandronum won't play MIDI music due to a missing library

this is the error.

Could not load libfluidsynth.so.1: libfluidsynth.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Could not open MIDI out device

I do have fluidsynth installed. Trying to look up the .so.1 file just gets me a bunch of fedora links and other stuff that won’t work.

fluidsynth seems to provide the following libs:

  • usr/lib/libfluidsynth.so
  • usr/lib/libfluidsynth.so.3
  • usr/lib/libfluidsynth.so.3.1.1

but not libfluidsynth.so.1

Perhaps something to report upstream? :thinking:

Oh and I forgot to mention that I’m using the generic ELF, not the aur package.

this also happens with regular zandronum.

Where’s that from?

Does the AUR package not take care of this and link to the correct library?

  1. http://qzandronum.com/en/

  2. The reason I don’t use the AUR package is that it would make upgrades too long if it ever updated. Compiling takes forever. Edit: it does not take care of it.

This means you have a choice of:

  1. using a distro that the project is built against (Fedora or Ubuntu or whatever),
  2. sucking up the fact that AUR packages need to be compiled against Arch library versions and just getting on with it, or
  3. requesting it is added to Chaotic-AUR so they can build it for you.
  1. They don’t specify.

  2. I would have if my pc wasn’t a potato

  3. Did that, doomseeker was causing them issues. Gaaah, wxWidgets strikes back.

  4. it seems the dev responded to my issue, and they say that using timidity solves the problem. They also say that any distro that doesn’t provide 1.x for some reason (like arch btw) won’t work with fluidsynth.

Edit: Installing the package from the AUR does nothing to fix fluidsynth OR timidity++.

and FMod is a lost cause anyway, it uses windwoes’s gm32.dls.

The only thing that DOES work is OPL Synth Emulation which sounds HORRIBLE.

edit 2: on windwoes I had this program called “VirtualMIDISynth” and it registered itself as a system MIDI OUT device, so any program that was looking for MIDI devices (like Q-Zandronum) could use that instead of the bundled fluidsynth or timidity.

It, and the whole “no shared libraries ever” philosophy made MIDI in Q-Zandronum actually work.

IS there SOMETHING like VirtualMIDISynth that actually registers as a MIDI OUT device?

AHA! Turns out you have to add yourself to the audio group for TiMIDIty++ and FMOD to work. Also you need to configure them lol. Fluidsynth as usual doesn’t work due to the archaic version it depends on.

Finally, good sounding MIDI.

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