Python2 and Android Builders

About a week ago, the following showed up when checking the AUR:

“Missing AUR Packages: python2-distlib python2-filelock python2-platformdirs python2-virtualenv”

The first three are requirements of python2-virtualenv, and python2-virtualenv is a dependency of aosp-devel (thus the Android connection). Just wondering if anyone knows how to proceed even if there was a way to not even give the AUR missing message. 4 missing flags would be even more annoying.

These packages were dropped from the repos because Python 2 is EoL. If someone hasn’t imported them into the AUR them your AUR helper will say they’re “missing”.

How to proceed will depend on what problem you’re having. Just “hiding the message” is probably not worth the effort as it doesn’t break anything, whereas restoring the packages to the AUR would involve grabbing the packaging sources for the dropped packages and uploading them.

It’s even possible that aosp-devel no longer depends on Python 2 - so that would be worth checking and reporting to the package maintainer.

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Appreciate the answer. I am sure that Python2 is still needed to build Android and thus for aosp-dev. Might be worth a mention to the maintainer about these specific packages since it would fail to install a requirement if it hasn’t been removed already. My own sanity would be satisfied by just not seeing a message, LOL.

If you check the comments on the AUR page for the package, you will see that it was mentioned on November 30:

navarroaxel commented on 2021-11-30 11:33

Hi, python2-virtualenv and its dependencies were removed from official repositories.


We can use pactree -r <packagename> to figure out a package is required.
I was surprised to see that I still have python2 installed but AFAICT nothing is using python2 and associated packages

$ pactree -r python2
│ └─python2-setuptools
│ └─python2-setuptools
│ └─python2-packaging
│   └─python2-setuptools
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I can’t even find the aur package page since it is dropped.

Click the link in my post.

I didn’t even bother looking at the pactree since I was basing the dependencies on the messages when I tried yay -R on any of them.

There is no link, just text.


Gotcha. It didn’t show the hyperlink until you pointed out where it was.

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