Python poetry install hangs

i have a new installation arch and new installation of poetry and want to install depenedencies for a python project

when running poetry install -vvv it hangs on
[keyring.backend] Loading macOS

i did some search and found some hints like

export POETRY_KEYRING_BACKEND=keyring.backends.null.Keyring



but nothing worked. Can anyone give me a hint how to solve it. I have no idea what it means and why is it happening. I have never encountered it before and i use poetry on daily basis on my other laptop (no arch there though)

According to the web site. Sounds like arch being a rolling release is not a recommended system for poetry

Poetry should always be installed in a dedicated virtual environment to isolate it from the rest of your system. In no case, it should be installed in the environment of the project that is to be managed by Poetry. This ensures that Poetry’s own dependencies will not be accidentally upgraded or uninstalled. (Each of the following installation methods ensures that Poetry is installed into an isolated environment.)

Are you doing this in a virtual machine as recommended?


I think “virtual environment” in this context refers to:

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i didnt installed it into system python, i used pipx to installed poetry so that it can be accessible globally, yet not messing with system/global python. also i used venv and installed it into there.

in both cases it failed on the same error