Pycharm, installation

Hi. It’s my first time using EOS and I don’t know how to install “pycharm community”. I don’t want to do this with “snap”. How to do it?

It is in the repos.

sudo pacman -Syu pycharm-community-edition

The file /var/cache/pkg/pycharm-community-edition-2022.2.2-1.x86_64.pkg.tar.zst is corrupted (Invalid or damaged package (PGP description)
Do you want to delete it?
I give yes - it does not work
I give no - does not work

hi @virtualman,
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try this solution


@dalto @pycrk
Thank you for your help, problem solved :smiley:


nice that it works :wink:
when it comes to how to install pycharm then the comment from @dalto is the solution.

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