Pulseaudio Issues

Anyone know what could be causing this error?

E: [pulseaudio] pid.c: Daemon already running.
E: [pulseaudio] main.c: pa_pid_file_create() failed.

EDIT: (some further output)

pulseaudio -vvv
I: [pulseaudio] main.c: setrlimit(RLIMIT_NICE, (31, 31)) failed: Operation not permitted
I: [pulseaudio] main.c: setrlimit(RLIMIT_RTPRIO, (9, 9)) failed: Operation not permitted
D: [pulseaudio] core-rtclock.c: Timer slack is set to 50 us.
D: [pulseaudio] core-util.c: RealtimeKit worked.
I: [pulseaudio] core-util.c: Successfully gained nice level -11.
I: [pulseaudio] main.c: This is PulseAudio 14.2
D: [pulseaudio] main.c: Compilation CFLAGS: Not yet supported on meson
D: [pulseaudio] main.c: Running on host: Linux x86_64 5.13.4-arch2-1 #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu, 22 Jul 2021 20:46:28 +0000
D: [pulseaudio] main.c: Found 32 CPUs.
I: [pulseaudio] main.c: Page size is 4096 bytes
D: [pulseaudio] main.c: Compiled with Valgrind support: no
D: [pulseaudio] main.c: Running in valgrind mode: no
D: [pulseaudio] main.c: Running in VM: no
D: [pulseaudio] main.c: Running from build tree: no
D: [pulseaudio] main.c: Optimized build: yes
D: [pulseaudio] main.c: All asserts enabled.
I: [pulseaudio] main.c: Machine ID is 55fe3485264c4e2da132687624ff2d04.
I: [pulseaudio] main.c: Session ID is 4.
I: [pulseaudio] main.c: Using runtime directory /run/user/1000/pulse.
I: [pulseaudio] main.c: Using state directory /home/george/.config/pulse.
I: [pulseaudio] main.c: Using modules directory /usr/lib/pulse-14.2/modules.
I: [pulseaudio] main.c: Running in system mode: no
E: [pulseaudio] pid.c: Daemon already running.
E: [pulseaudio] main.c: pa_pid_file_create() failed.

Check out this thread to see if it helps. https://archived.forum.manjaro.org/t/solved-audio-stopped-working-after-an-update/32742/3

I did come across that thread and tried what was suggested but it didn’t work for me.

Have you tried switching to pipewire?

sudo pacman -S pipewire pipewire-pulse --needed

good place to start

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