Pulse Secure with Host Checker


This is referring to using Pulse Secure VPN on Endeavour OS. Currently I am trying to make this work and will briefly list some of the things I have done. I am desiring ot find some lead to towards enabling me to make this work.

  • Pulse Secure GUI
    • I have tried in different versions to make this work(Most of these attempts were in Fedora and Ubuntu). However, this was mostly useless since host checker doesn’t seem to be supported in the latest versions available. These are also no longer freely available and have to be downloaded from unofficial sites.
  • OpenConnect from Terminal
    • This is the route that I have been able to get closer to a connection. The pulse secure option does not work in this case since it does not support host checker. I have used the juniper option. The command being used is openconnect --protocol=nc www.myurl.com. This gets me to insert my login and password and i get some responses from the server but a bit later the following:
Server response to hostname packet is error 0x07
Creating SSL connection failed
Unknown error; exiting.

I have looked around OpenConnects gitlab and the issues and have seen some that suggest using the DSID cookie from the browser but I have attempted this and have failed. The cookie in this case was rejected. I have also seen that there is a branch that is suggested to have some sort of fix but that has to be build from source but I do not know how to do that. I have also look around the Arch wiki for this issue and most of the suggestions are obsolete or not working.

Any help or suggestion to get this working is appreciated.