Public service announcement: Timeshift now works with Rsync

After a long wait regarding the issue of Timeshift unable to create a new Snapshot a few weeks ago finally got a patch. I’ve installed and tried it this morning and it works as it should.
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Yes, I had already downgraded rsync to get timeshift work, but now it’s not necessary anymore.

Just a question from someone who has no idea: how is this patch applied?

hmm. Try updating the Timeshift first using the command: yay -Syu or yay -S timeshift (I didn’t install Timeshift before. After receiving news from GitHub’s E-mail, I finally tried to install and test it. And the Snapshot was finally made successfully).

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Just update rsync.

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I don’t have Timeshift installed at the moment, I’m asking more in case re-installing comes to mind again. Thanks! :+1:t2: