[PSA] Odroid N2 update problem ARM aarch64

Due to a recent upgrade to the Archlinux ARM repositories that upgraded openssl to Ver. 3,
a problem has appeared when updating the Odroid N2 kernel. The following appears after the successful Image generation:

==> Image generation successful
(13/23) Updating uimg initcpios...
/usr/bin/mkimage: error while loading shared libraries: libssl.so.1.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
error: command failed to execute correctly

Updating uimg initcpios fails because the package uboot-tools-2022-01.1 is out of date and calls for libssl.so.1.1 instead of libssl.so.3.3
Installing the updated version of uboot-tools-2022.3-1 fixes the problem and now works correctly.

==> Image generation successful
(5/7) Updating uimg initcpios...
Image Name:   Ramdisk Image
Created:      Tue Nov 22 14:13:10 2022
Image Type:   AArch64 Linux RAMDisk Image (uncompressed)
Data Size:    8802678 Bytes = 8596.37 KiB = 8.39 MiB
Load Address: 00000000
Entry Point:  00000000
(6/7) Updating boot.ini...

As a temporary fix, I have compiled the new version of uboot-tools and put it in the github endeavouros aarch64 package repository. To install go to

and click on the “Download” icon on the right.

cd into the directory uboot-tools was downloaded to, then use
pacman -U uboot-tools-2022.10-3-aarch64.pkg.tar.zst

To update the package.