PSA - for folks on TESTING REPOS using pacman and yay

If you are using the testing repos, pacman v6 has just been released. If you are also using yay, you’ll likely get a messages telling you that pacman and yay are in conflict. I think the easiest way to handle this is to accept the pacman update (meaning that yay will be removed) then follow the steps below:

$ pacman -S --needed git base-devel
$ git clone
$ cd yay
$ makepkg -si

if you already have base-devel installed, you can skip the first command. 

Basically this will pull the current version of yay from the git repository and recompile it. The steps above are copied from a post by the current maintainer of yay (you can check it vs the pinned comment here []( )

Of course this will be fixed automatically by the time it reaches Stable. This is ONLY an issue if you are on Testing.


I updated the topic title to be clear on this point … that it only matters for testing repo users…


I am not on testing, but also got the message during the update asking if yay should be removed

I was in the same boat–see the other thread. I did a partial upgrade (I know-bad juju) & am waiting. Not on the testing repo either.

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did the update to pamac (too hasty), had yay uninstalled and now I can’t get yay reinstalled because it asks me if I want to uninstall pamac (conflict). How do I get this sorted out (other than reinstalling).

You may also want to give paru a shot for now. Otherwise a timeshift backup would be the next best option. . .

And reinstalling WON’T fix your issue either. You’re going to end up installing pacman 6.0 anyway, and you’ll be in the same position, they will still be in conflict.

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I have first reset the system with timeshift and now wait … how do I know when I could update again? When there is no more conflict message?

I will be waiting and watching the yay package in the AUR, I would expect an update in the next couple of days; realistically even sooner. yay-git has already been flagged out of date. This will be too momentarily. After it’s updated I’ll try to update my system again at that point and see what’s happening.

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Is yay being actively developed anymore? I thought the developer is now working on paru instead.


AFAIK, one developer left to work on paru - leaving the other(s) to continue on with maintenance and updates. This should count as one of those! Give it a day or two - or just do as I am (which is skipping anything that needs yay ie: AUR updates) and work with the new pacman version.

I guess I’ll have to try and find out what’s improved with the new version! Must be something - and with luck I may be able to understand what I find out! :grin:

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A compatible version of yay was just released last night.

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