PSA: bug in Nvidia driver causes dbus spam

Yes. Like you can see in my post, the messages are another ones. So i think this is the normal behaviour for this workaround?

Sadly, there is no documentation what should happen after this workaround.

For me, i let it be like it is now. Because i dont see any performance regressions.

What exactly happens?

Did the messages changed like for me?

That was before:

error time=1640009049.450861 sender=org.freedesktop.DBus -> destination=:1.44 error_name=org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown reply_serial=126987231
   string "The name nvidia.powerd.server was not provided by any .service files"
method call time=1640009049.482410 sender=:1.44 -> destination=nvidia.powerd.server serial=126987230 path=/nvidia/powerd/datapacket; interface=nvidia.powerd.datapacket; member=AutoflDatapacket
   struct {
      int32 4209
      int32 3839
      int64 27600860516
      double 3.76083e+18
      double 3.90044e+31
      double 1.23678e+31
      double 6.57634e-310
      int32 30991
      int32 30981

And this after Workaround:

method call time=1640010082.208548 sender=:1.45 -> destination=nvidia.powerd.server serial=12117 path=/nvidia/powerd/datapacket; interface=nvidia.powerd.datapacket; member=AutoflDatapacket
   struct {
      int32 4209
      int32 1386
      int64 165041968
      double 1.72938e+15
      double 8.19441e+30
      double 4.12088e+31
      double 6.46578e-310
      int32 30470
      int32 30471
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All hail to Eye of Threadripper!


For me i try it …i uninstall it! Is bloat! :laughing:

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No, im serious. I dont have any problems. Son goku watches and protect everything!


I was linked here from Blender 3.0 viewport extremely laggy after days of working perfectly in Endeavouros
and am a bit lost. In terms of getting a certain feature to work, has a solution been found?

It seems that this depends.

Because i dont know what should happen if you apply that workaround from AUR.

But what rly fixes this, is to install the last stable 470.xx one.

So are there specific nvidia drivers that are causing this or will I have to uninstall all 495 drivers and install all 470.xx drivers.

I’m not going to worry about every little issue. There’s always going to be some issue big or small. My system works fine for what i use it for. There are no issues. For the most part i haven’t had any issues with Nvidia installing or updating. No bugs here! :relieved:

Like here written:

For OP it seems to be v470.74

Did you mean 470.94? I can’t find any 470.74 packages with yay.

  1. Read OP
  2. Install AUR package mentioned in OP
  3. Start service mentioned in OP
  4. (Maybe) reboot

See if that helps with your issue, if not - just disable service and uninstall AUR package, then it’s not cause for your issue…But it looks to me like it is

Yeah I went through the nvidia-fake-powerd steps in the OP, which yielded no changes in my problem.
I see no reason to believe rebooting is going to help the problem, seeing as it would only revert the steps from the OP.

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Ok, that’s too bad :slightly_frowning_face:

I’d try, just in case.
When it’s connected to Kernel / drivers reboot sometimes required.


just tried rebooting and got the same performance in blender.
Is it possible that switching from 495 to an older or another driver would solve the problem?

Like already 9034753476349070349534095734905 times said in this thread, read the Thread from nvidia forum.

Install older, for you knowing working driver version. it would be a 470 one.

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I assume this could help, if the downgraded driver supports your GPU.

Yeah it seems that qumiciel from said forum is having the same problem as I am, except on Garuda linux.

With all respect : Did you read any of the links posted earlier related to the bug in the LATEST driver (which means 495 and NOT 470)?

Install 470 and your good to go (if you didnt had any problems with a older driver)