Proton Games Won't Load

Hey :slight_smile:
That’s weird…So not all games

Let’s start by log:

  • You want to create log file to check if everything fine or file a bug, use Environment variable:

    PROTON_LOG=1 %command%

    Log will be saved at location, where [appid] is your game id (look up steamdb if in doubt)


What i can think of to try even without log:

  1. It must be drivers / optimus, which i also would like to know why since i don’t use it… :thinking:
    Make sure that you really use Nvidia, and not Intel part, coz black screen looks to me like Intel

  2. Set older version of Proton, to be sure it’s not downgrade for specific game:

  • To use specific version of Proton for specific game (may be useful if latest gives problems)
    1. Select game title on left panel

    2. Right :mouse: Button -> Properties

      :white_check_mark: Force the use of a specific Steam Play compatibility tool
      :small_red_triangle_down: use dropdown to choose Proton engine

Do you also have Optimus?