Programs wouldn't open, requiring a reboot

I’m fairly certain this is an issue with KDE Plasma but I’m not entirely sure so I’m posting it here. Everything on my system’s been working fine since installing EndeavourOS a few months ago, however today I had a strange problem. After leaving my computer idle for a few hours (I really shouldn’t keep doing that, I know) no program would start. I couldn’t even click Restart in the Application Launcher menu. I had to go into TTY and reboot. After the reboot everything is working fine currently, but I have no idea why this happened. Searching around on this forum I see some others have had similar problems such as in this thread

However, their issues seem to be after updating and mine was simply after leaving the computer idle for a little while. Also I believe they also mentioned that they couldn’t open programs or reboot at all until they renamed their plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc file. I didn’t have to do that at all, just TTY, reboot and everything’s cool again.

Checking journalctl, before every program I tried to open there was the message

plasmashell[340437]: Authorization required, but no authorization protocol specified

And yet, I couldn’t find any line in the journal that would indicate that I was logged out or switched users without any input on my end? Would something like that even show up in journalctl? In any case, since this message only seems to show with plasmashell in the journal I’m assuming this is a Plasma issue. If it’s the same bug these other users have had I’ll be content just waiting for updates to fix this from happening again. However since my problem didn’t occur under the same circumstances as theirs and the strange message about authorization being the only thing that seemed to be preventing me from opening programs I’m wondering if this is some other issue outside of a KDE Plasma bug. I’d appreciate any thoughts, thanks.

Can you start any program on the command line after idling for a time? It should output something sensible. Analyzing the situation well after the fact is much more difficult.

All computers hang / crash / implode, once is not a problem, it is only a problem if there is a pattern.