Programs to install

I use pacman and have installed yay to get programs from AUR. Is there a program so you can see what’s programs are available? I hear that Pamac is not that good, but is there another?

I used to use pamac and I liked it, now I just have this link bookmarked since I use the terminal more these days

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To search packages in AUR use this web page:

You heard or you tried Pamac-aur? Just a question. Nothing more.

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No I haven’t

pkgbrowser can only search for packages in repo & aur :slight_smile: and its qt5 :slight_smile:

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Try pamac-aur-git which is a actively maintained pamac. If you get errors during install (a friend did) I suggested he install “plain pamac” first, uninstall just it (not all it’s dependencies) and then install pamac-aur-git which worked fine for him. It’ll give you a “synaptic like” experience…of course there is also “octopi”.

pamac has no synaptic feel, is just sort of software center type feel, such as tkpacman has some feel like synaptic , octopi more a bit…

problem maybe he had on config level, installing plain pamac remove it not the depency but then pamac-aur-git does not make sence, also pamac-aur-git got more make deps but difference with pamac-gtk and pamac-aur-git, has to do with pamac-cli ? if its stay there but you remove orphans it will removed also…
i dont use pamac just what i think :slight_smile:

How to install kalu? since nobody likes pamac I would give it a try.
I try using yay, but when trying to install pamac it didn’t install.
Endeavour is nice but it would be nice to have a list of programs to install. The list from Arch is too big and It’s hard to use.

Kalu is kinda dead… Pacman 5.2 update kills it.

No more commits on main code for nearly 2 years.

Even next branch is sleeping since october 2019.

So :frowning:

Forgot to add I opened a bug related to pacman 5.2 update in october 2019, still not closed.

kalu-kde is a patched version, but stil not recomended :slight_smile: it worked offcourse. only the source is different.

OK. kalu is bad, pamac is bad. But is there any list of programs that are listed by type so you may find other programs to install? Is the Arch list the only one? It’s big but not very useful.

It’s not really a graphical way and requires a bit of regex knowledge (not much), but you can search for the specific words occurences in package names and the description, filtering out this way the results you don’t need. You can use yay to search both in official repos and AUR. For example to find a music player that contains words “simple” or “modern” in it’s name or description you’d use something of the sort:
yay "music" "(audio)?player" "simple|modern"

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…or use the search box in Arch packages.

Not the same. It doesn’t understand regular expressions and searches only arch repos. And it’s more time consuming and heavy.

Have you tried bauh?

It is in AUR. It is a simple tool but you can use it to search the repos, AUR and/or AppImages.

If you have support installed it will also optionally show you flatpaks and/or snaps.

I like it because it is simple and everything is optional. That being said, myself, I mostly use yay from the command line.

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something from aur i need just commandline, its only pitty that my favorit Aur helper gona be end of life if nobody takes over … pakku , :frowning: further i like browsing to mostly with pkgbrowser

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Really?!? That is terrible. I really like pakku :cry:

is not death yet :slight_smile: but it uses older nim , now there is pakku-git i believe, used a nim-legacy fork kinda older nim to build pakku… if i look the history there was ups and downs, but it looks like this going long before someone takes over… a nim dev helps a bit but cannot maintain the thing itself, needs a new maintainer basicly.

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OK, what’s the command?

yay -S bauh ?

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