Program opens in corner of screen

A strange issue has been occurring where LibreOffice opens in the left-hand corner. A screenshot would not be helpful since when LibreOffice opens the program is only barely visible in the left-hand corner. This old post best describes the issue (although the fixes do not appear relevant to KDE):

The issue is not related to LibreOffice because after removing the program data the issue continues to occur.

Are you using libreoffice-fresh on Wayland? If so, it could be this bug -

I’ve switched to libreoffice-still for now.

Try this:
Open calc and rightclick on the icon in the taskbar.
More → Resize

Resize it to your preferred size and, at least here, it works again next time it’s started.

Still using X11 (never really understood X11 versus Wayland, but that is a research project for another day).

On another note, the issue seems to have resolved itself. An update did occur.

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