Program opens in corner of screen

A strange issue has been occurring where LibreOffice opens in the left-hand corner. A screenshot would not be helpful since when LibreOffice opens the program is only barely visible in the left-hand corner. This old post best describes the issue (although the fixes do not appear relevant to KDE):

The issue is not related to LibreOffice because after removing the program data the issue continues to occur.

Are you using libreoffice-fresh on Wayland? If so, it could be this bug -

I’ve switched to libreoffice-still for now.

Try this:
Open calc and rightclick on the icon in the taskbar.
More → Resize

Resize it to your preferred size and, at least here, it works again next time it’s started.

Still using X11 (never really understood X11 versus Wayland, but that is a research project for another day).

On another note, the issue seems to have resolved itself. An update did occur.

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The issue is back. The only way to solve the issue is to right-click LibreOffice on the KDE taskbar, go to more, and then clock maximize.

Does anyone have a suggested solution? I had top switch back to my Windows 11 partition, oddly enough simultaneously to this issue after a Windows 11 update the Windows 11 taskbar is also completely blank (which is a known issue), so my luck is not great right now.

More than ever I understand the value of just using Windows 10 instead of Arch or Windows 11, when trying to get things done it isn’t optimal to try and solve computer issues.

For what it is worth, I’ve used Xfce for years and have never seen such issues. Xfce is stable as a rock.
Xfce is also quite configurable.

I used XFCE for awhile. KDE looks better and has more “drag and drop” configuration support, but also comes with issues like this.

If I remember correctly, I also had to theme XFCE out of the box because in its generic form XFCE looks awful (although this is easily fixed) and the taskbar is at the top. KDE looks the way that want it out of the box. Pros and cons for every Linux desktop.

The EndeavourOS theming for Xfce is very nice IMO.
The vanilla theming surely is not.

Maybe try it in a VM? :wink:

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This is how it looks like


Image from

I don’t use EndeavorsOS (for example sometimes need to use Debian) for everything, so I need to use a vanilla desktop that works out of the box.

Agree that EndeavorsOS XFCE theme is excellent!

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libreoffice-fresh 7.4.2 has hit the Arch repos which appears to have fixed this bug :bug:


Problem has been solved. Very happy.

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