Problems with EA launcher and Lutris

So I click “EA app” inside Lutris it installs, I login, then go to download Battlefield 2042. 4 hours later it installs, can’t launch the game due to error “the program encountered E111000B at 00001Ba5”.

There is no entry in games in the start menu, there is no entry in the Lutris app either, this has happened twice, where the hell is the game getting downloaded and installed to?

And how do I make the game run?

Without looking too much into this the protondb page is pretty negative on this program, I know you are running it through Lutris and maybe asking them would help more as Lutris is its own thing and has a forum for help also. I wouldn’t be too hopeful though. (The reason I look at protondb is to try rule out issues when I install games through heroic and often find my solution)

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Looking at other search results it doesn’t seem like you will be able to run this, I’m not saying you can’t but I also can’t see any sort of solution

Where do I access the installed files? Once you close the EA app after install, you have to go through the re-install of the EA app, then login and download the game again, there is no persistent install.

Do you know where the default location is for Lutris installs?

I had a look through the main drive and found nothing personally.

Not 100% sure as I no longer use Lutris it may be under something like .lutris or .games if you can’t easlity find it. (You need to enable show hidden files in your file explorer to find). I will have a look now

From some search results it may be under .wine