Problems with Discover and installing wallpapers

Finally decided to also remove Windows from my second laptop. After install the Discover app wasn’t installed and installed it manually. But the discover app has a problem that it has not found the back-ends. I also can not install extra wallpapers or extra logon prompts. Is this issue caused by the new KDE upgrade?

That message can be ignored unless you want to use discover to install packages from the repos. If you do, you can install packagekit-qt5 but I don’t recommend it since packagekit doesn’t support any type of manual intervention.

I see the same issue in 5.20 but not in 5.19.5 so it might be an issue with 5.20 but I haven’t researched it thoroughly enough to tell you for sure.

For me, it just searches endlessly and doesn’t return results.

EDIT: I just updated and that issue is resolved. However, it seems for many items I am getting a “Bad Gateway” error. That may be on the pling server side

I ran into the issue of Discover not being installed when I landed on the desktop after installing from the latest EOS ISO live. if I were you I’d install panac-all and simply forget Discover. In my case I actually installed almost everything via flatpak and yay only using pamac when I had to. Hope that helps.


If interested yay -S pamac-all

That is only helpful if you want to use the package management portions of discover. If you are using the rest of it’s functionality, pamac doesn’t support any of that.

For Plasma wallpapers, you could also right click on the desktop > configure desktop and wallpaper > Get New Wallpapers button around the lower right corner to browse and download them.

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Discover itself is probably the worst thing KDE ever came up with. Even under the various Plasma base Ubuntu distros I’ve used I avoided Discover as much as possible.

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When i try to download the wallpaper this way i get an error.

You can…but you get the exact same error that you get in discover. “Bad Gateway”

Discover has come a long way and I actually think it is pretty good these days. However, from the perspective of managing system packages, it is severely limited by packagekit. As a side note, Gnome software essentially has the exact same issues.

I don’t use it for system package management but I have no problems with the other functionality it offers.

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I was talking with @joekamprad about a theme earlier and it seems sites are having issues again. Not sure if it is related can’t remember but I believe they pull what they find in search (wallpapers themes etc) from kde store.

Could confirm. The same error (bad gateway) popped up when I trying to install a theme via system settings.


Just attempted a wall and got the same. I’ll try a theme now to see.


Same as you with global themes.

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Also when downloading windows decorations or login screens gives an error.

OK seems not to be isolated, so who’s creating the bug report?

Are you sure it is a bug? It looks to me like there is a problem with the servers.


I also think it’s a problem with the server. I tried to download a widget from de KDE store website and also got the error.

Picked a good day to install KDE plasma on my laptop.


No I’m not sure. Very well could be the servers.


Sounds like I can forget for at least today getting my roommate off Manjaro and on to EOS.

If I want a new wallpaper, I download the jpeg or png file from the internet and just set it manually. I don’t use Discover for that. In fact, I’ve uninstalled Discover, as I see no use for it. I also don’t see any benefit to using Pamac, Octopi, Bauh or anything like that. Maybe for browsing the packages on the AUR, but the AUR website is wholly adequate for that. :man_shrugging:t3:

Maybe also for flatpaks and snaps, but I tend to avoid those like a plague.


The good news is, the server is fixed and we can download themes/wallpapers again.


Can finally move on setting up the system. :smiley:

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I am using Pamac manager now. I think that the Discover package manager shows more info about the program and also looks nicer than the pamac manager . But that is my upinion.