Problems with backlight control

I followed the ArchWiki to get backlight control back to my laptop, and it nearly broke my laptop.

I recently installed EndeavourOS with i3wm on my laptop and I noticed the backlight keys weren’t working. A notification appeared, but it only displays the symbol and doesn’t change the brightness. I found the script in ~/.config/i3/config runs the script ~/.config/i3/scripts/volume_brightness [brightness_up or brightness_down] when the brightness button is pressed. That script uses xbacklight.

I then tried xbacklight in the terminal, which gave the “No outputs have backlight property” error. Acording to the ArchWiki, that error is caused by an incorrect setup of the /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-video.conf file. I navigated to /etc/X11 and there was no 20-video.conf file. I created one and configured it using the same text as the wiki, assuming that would work.

I then rebooted my computer, and it got stuck on the “[ OK ] Started Accounts Service” part of startup. I was only able to get back into my computer by opening the terminal and deleting “/etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-video.conf”, and I still don’t have any backlight control.

How should I get my backlight button control working again?

By the way, I do have an intel processor with integrated graphics. The ArchWiki also said xbacklight only works with intel processors.

You can try to use brightnessctl

$ sudo pacman -S brightnessctl

After you have it installed, change the brightness controls in your keybindings to something like this:

bindsym XF86MonBrightnessUp   exec --no-startup-id brightnessctl -q set 5%+
bindsym XF86MonBrightnessDown exec --no-startup-id brightnessctl -q set 5%-
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