Problems installing mullvad-vpn from AUR

Hello, I’ve installed Endeavour OS and was trying to install the Mullvad VPN app from the AUR using yay. While doing so, I encountered the following problem:

:: PGP keys need importing:
 -> 4B986EF5222BA1B810230C602F391DE6B00D619C, required by: mullvad-vpn
 -> EA0A77BF9E115615FC3BD8BC7653B940E494FE87, required by: mullvad-vpn
 -> 8339C7D2942EB854E3F27CE5AEE9DECFD582E984, required by: mullvad-vpn
:: Import? [Y/n] y
:: Importing keys with gpg...
gpg: keyserver receive failed: Server indicated a failure
 -> problem importing keys

Now, before carrying out the steps described above, I executed the code snippets related to trusting the keys given at This was specified in the AUR page of the application.

I’m quite inexperienced with PGP keys and especially using them in this manner via the CLI. Could anyone help me resolve the issue? Thank you for reading and for any possible solutions.

P.S. - I’m aware that there exists at least one other page on Mullvad installation on this forum, but following those steps did not resolve the situations for me.

I would try using a different key server. It is unfortunately common for individual key servers to fail.

Thanks for replying. Could you point out the steps I need to follow to do this? As I said, I’m quite inexperienced with PGP keys, and the associated mechanisms.

gpg --recv-keys --keyserver 4B986EF5222BA1B810230C602F391DE6B00D619C

Repeat for the other two keys.


I’m afraid it leads to the same problem,

gpg: keyserver receive failed: Server indicated a failure

Is the error because of something I’m doing wrong, or is it something else? Something to do with the keyserver, and thus beyond my control?

Are you installing mullvad-vpn or mullvad-vpn-bin? I recommend the latter. Look here:

It’s explained in the pinned comment of this AUR package

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Mull-vpn-bin installs without a problem. Thanks so much for pointing me to the solution. Cheers!

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Always go for the binary, no need to build it yourself. Have a nice day!


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