Problem with zen kernal and nvidia drivers

Hello there,
Recently my distro was not working it was freezing time to time so i installed zen kernel after that my distro was working fine with no issues but i got into a problem where my OBS studio was not responding.

So how can i install Nvidia driver normally using zen kernel and also headers for zen kernel
And how to use nvidia-dkms to install it on zen kernel.

Need your help !!!

nvidia and nvidia-lts is for the linux and linux-lts kernel

if you want to use linux-zen just install nvidia-dkms , but make sure you have all headers too like linux-zen-headers , nvidia is not needed because its precompiled, dkms packages takes it all

just do rebuild-kernel after it if you use dracut

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Thanks working on it….

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Thanks @ringo
If you are using zen kernel then,

Install nvidia-dkms and linux headers

Cmd :
sudo pacman -S nvidia-dkms linux-zen-headers

reboot system
Solved :white_check_mark:

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Hello Astra you should have marked the solution as post 2 that was provided to you by @ringo :wink:


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