Problem with Wacom Bamboo Drawing Tablet settings X11

SOLVED by installing wacomtablet utility from extra repository
Good day, everybody!
After last update there some were changes in my Tablet’s behavior. During Wayland sessions everything works perfectly. During X11 sessions (I have to use X11 in some cases) Tablet settings has restored to defaults and page “Drawing Tablet” has disappeared from System settings. It still can be found in “Most Used Pages” list, but clicking on it makes nothing. I need to switch on the “Left Handed Mode” and assign buttons in X11 session. Any ideas how it is possible to be done?
P.s. besides that notification that tablet is plugged (with “settings” button on it) when you plugging it in is for some reason also disappeared. When it was available “settings” button still did not work.
Thank you in advice.