Problem with Plank (dock) configurations

My system has two desktops installed being Cinnamon and XFCE with plank an simply dock installed and selected to autostart on login.

What I would like to do is to have different programs on the dock based on which desktop is logged on. For example different terminals and editors, while some applications are common.

What I have done so far is:

  1. Initially tried:
    a. Going to ~/.config/plank and copying dock1 to dock_c
    and dock_x
    b. Editing autostart for both cinnamon and XFCE
    plank -n dock_c for cinnamon
    plank -n dock_x for XFCE
    c. logged on to each desktops and made changes to the
    d. logged out the onto the other desktop noted that I
    could not have different docks

  2. Second try:
    a. Going to ~/.config/autostart and copying plank.desktop
    to plank_c.desktop and plank_x.desktop
    b. edited Exec=plank -n dock_c for plank_c.desktop and
    c. edited Exec=plank -n dock_x for plank_x.desktop and
    d. edited autostart to plank_c for cinnamon and plank_x
    for xfce
    e. did the same tests as I first tried, but still unable to
    have different docks based which desktop logged onto.

Any idea on what I did wrong to what I should try next.


Hi @jvslice,
There are side effects using different DE-s with the same user_id .
I left the default dock1 for Cinnamon and a copy of that is dockx for XFCE.
Added this script to autotart (Super Start…)

if grep -q 'XFCE' <<< "$XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP"; then
  plank -n "dockx"

(chmod +x


Works like a charm, thank you for the help

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