Problem with keyboard

Hello all,

since a few days I have a strange problem with the keyboard on one of our EOS computers. Whenever I press a certain key (see image below), the entire computer freezes and I have to reboot via tty.
I have already tried another keyboard, changed the layout to english, but it still happens. Also the used kernel does not play a role.
If I also press the shift key or alt gr for the other characters on this key it does not happen.

Do you have any idea where the cause could be?
Let me know if more infos are needed. Any help will be appreciated.


X11 keyboard.conf



You mean another keyboard (meaning hardware) or another keyboard layout?

You may have that key mapped to some shortcut that starts some command that block your deesktop.

After the computer freezes and you switch to tty can you access htop (or top) if there is a program running 100% CPU? Can you list some logs (journalctl, dmesg).

Thank you for your answer @vlkon .

Yes, I ment hardware with another keyboard. But did both. Changed the layout too.

After switching to tty, top shows nothing unusual. Everything is normal there.

I share your assumption that the key must be mapped somewhere. But by what? In the system settings I have already looked through everything and found no corresponding mapping.



If it happens even with a different hardware keyboard then I would expect this to be a problem for some keybinding.
I cannot make much sense from the logs but this may be related.

Feb 26 18:27:27 LPCA pipewire-pulse[1463]: mod.protocol-pulse: client 0x561d80a52040 [libcanberra]: ERROR command:18 (PLAY_SAMPLE) tag:7 error:25 (Eingabe-/Ausgabefehler)

Do you have some audio/video player launched at the time you press that key? Some audio players have ability to bind certain keys to some actions and just before you switched to tty2 there was something calling PLAY_SAMPLE action which then turned into an error.

Why would it freeze your desktop - I do not know.

This pipewire-pulse error was caused by video in browser.

Nothing new about so far. Having not so much time these days.

I couldn’t find the error, but I didn’t spend too much time on it. After a second key, the degree sign, was also affected and I wanted to get rid of KDE anyway, I just did a new install with EOS XFCE yesterday.