Problem with intel graphics

Hello community, yesterday with the desire to test the distro, as for the installation I had no problem, but the restart of the grub if you have a black screen problem, to see if you could access the beginning type the letter “e” and in the line of the kernel wrote nomodeset did not work, after i915.modeset = 0 did not work, what can I do ?, the graphics card of the pc is intel hd 2100 resolution 1920 x 1080, thanks.

Did you have the problem after installing yesterday’s Grub update by any chance?

Yes, unfortunately it always happens to me with arch and its derivatives, yesterday I installed debian testing I had no problem, automatically generated nomodeset in the grub, 2 years ago I did not have this problem with arch linux, I could install it as many times as I wanted, but now I have a problem, What would be the solution?
NOTE: Sorry for the translation, I do not speak English, I hope you understand me.