Problem with Guake on KDE Plasma

I couldn’t get “Quick Open” work on my machine, is there anyone on the blog having a similar issue?

guake is gnome, should still work though :smiley:

Try yakuake, it is for KDE.

Hmmm cannot get it to run in KDE either.

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Mine works. Try starting it with terminal and change the keyboard shortcut. After first logout/in it should start automatically or you can set it so.

(Same for guake)

Edit: check the auto startup for guake here

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it seems I got this bug when I pressed ctrl and clicked on directory to open a file: KApplicationTrader: mimeType "x-scheme-handler/file" not found

KDE Bug Report on the Issue

@xircon may like to check this bug report.

Why are you using Guake on KDE Plasma? I’m pretty sure your problem is related to that… :rofl:

It’s a terminal, I open files with a file manger.

Because gnome is better than plasma of course.

The truth

Got ya :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: KDE is better than Gnome :grin:

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Guake is easier to configure and looks fancier, Yakuake would be a nice fallback terminal just in case.

I use an alias:

alias op='xdg-open >/dev/null 2>&1'
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I also recommend to use bash-complete-alias package, it’s a blessing.
bash-complete-alias by cykerway

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