Problem with arch package install

There is a package on Arch that I am trying to download. I use the command

sudo pacman -S packagekit-qtcreator

I get this:

error: target not found: packagekit-qtcreator

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I’m not entirely sure, but I think the package is called qtcreator?

community/packagekit-qt5 1.0.2-1 (101.6 KiB 373.4 KiB) 
    Qt5 bindings for PackageKit

Is this what you’re after?

There’s also

extra/qtcreator 4.12.4-2 (38.5 MiB 108.0 MiB) 
    Lightweight, cross-platform integrated development environment

That probably isn’t a real package. I suspect you want either what @Bryanpwo or @alenbasic suggest above.

If you tell us why you want to install it I am sure we can identify which is the appropriate package for you.

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You mean:
packagekit-qt5 ?
or maybe both ?

I am from M. New here. I first used Discover to install Qt Creator. What version it installed was wrong. It did not install all of the dependencies, crucial ones. When I first clicked on it, it threw an error about that. It did not download the help system and it did not include the Examples, rendering the software useless.

I removed it using Discover. For years, there has only been one entry for Qt Creator, the one maintained by Antonio Rojas. When I searched Arch, it brought up both of those. The second one is nonsense and I bet that one is the one downloaded by Discover.

I could name the big shot distros who have completely messed up installs of Qt Creator. I am have been involved with the development of computer languages. I have been involved with C++ since the early nineties.

So I would like some help here, and I think it would also be good for this distro.

I know nothing about dealing with Arch.

If you are trying to install qt creator you can use

sudo pacman -S qtcreator

Also, Arch does not install optional dependencies by default. You need to install those yourself.

Here are the optional dependencies for qtcreator

Optional Deps   : qt5-doc: integrated Qt documentation
                  qt5-examples: welcome page examples
                  qt5-translations: for other languages
                  gdb: debugger
                  cmake: cmake project support
                  x11-ssh-askpass: ssh support
                  git: git support
                  mercurial: mercurial support
                  bzr: bazaar support
                  valgrind: analyze support
                  perf: performer analyzer

If you want the examples you need to install qt5-examples

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OK, someone is working on it. I will wait a bit. At least they got the C++ compilers to load. Now the examples, I hope. The examples are worth about a lot of money, if you had to buy enough books. Also, over the years, the code in the examples has changed in style of coding.

I will file a bug report of this with the maintainer,

It isn’t a bug. In Arch, the only things that are installed as dependencies are things the product needs to provide minimal functionality. Something like examples won’t usually be installed by default. However, they are available for you to install and are clearly listed as optional dependencies.


I just did this: sudo pacman -S packagekit-qt5-examples

Response: error: target not found: packagekit-qt5-examples

I also tried: sudo pacman -S packagekit-qt5-examples-
same response.

any ideas? On M, the examples were sure included.

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You’re getting an error because the package packagekit-qt5-examples does not exist. The package is called qt5-examples.

The correct command is thus:

sudo pacman -S qt5-examples

The package name is qt5-examples


Thanks to all of you. and I have learned some new tricks. By the way, I really am enjoying EndeavourOS. I love the colors and the freedom.

My personal comment is that sometimes Arch overthinks some issues.


Simplicity defined by Archlinux

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You might want to read these:

They’ll tell you Arch packages are, and what AUR “packages” are.

Arch packages are the official packages, and AUR contains user produced stuff.
That means Arch packages are well supported, but AUR stuff may have problems sometimes.

When you need to check if a package exists just go here, as you would see all informations on the package you would like to install and the dependency and many more.

You could also use our wiki in the menu UP also

To search package in the Terminal it says :

pacman -Ss package_name

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Thank you for the information.

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