Problem updating groff

I received a flurry of protests when trying to update groff. I had to uninstall it, and also man-db (a dependency) and the cylon is partially not working…

Puzzling too, I downloaded the previous version from the archive of, just to face the same error messages.

Has somebody a solution?

sudo pacman -S <name of package> --overwrite='*'

Will do it.


thanks very much for your reply. I’ll just wait 24 hours before implementing it while crossing my fingers. :grinning:

I am just surprised no one else seems to have a groff update problem… I do not know where this problem is coming from, I did not know it even existed…

Don’t think it is heavily used :smiley: I had to look it up and I am an emacs user. The other option is uninstalling / re-installing, that sometimes fixes it.