Problem to install firefox-nightly

So i’ve been reinstalling this package lately to update it (i didnt know i had to reinstall it for update as told in the comment, but now it failed because apparently mozilla changed the key, is there a way to install it for now ?

The PKGBUILD is already flagged as out-of date:

As a temporary solution/workaround you might want to dowload it from:

Extract it in a directory under your home and run it as “portable” app.

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That is what I do…been running it that way for several years now.

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ok i’ll take a look and learn how to create a desktop entry so it shows in ‘internet’ category here on plasma

You could right-click (or double tap) on the app launcher (app menu) icon and choose edit application (or something similar). Create a new entry by pointing it to where you have the firefox’ binary.


ok i got it working, i created a shortcut using cairo-dock, in “Command to launch on click” i put:


working nice here, i’ll mark the topic as solved

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i ended deleting the folder i created and installed back the aur package, i found the new key to import on this comment

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