Problem running as root

I recently installed a fan control program, and in order to execute the fan speed change, i need to run the program in root, any idea on how this is done? i cant figure it out.

Does sudo <your command> not work?

i tried that, and it didn’t work. It kinda launched it, but it didnt do anything.

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Problem running as root is not a very good topic. You should have said Problem running x program as root or at least in explaining your issue what packages you installed and what is happening when you try to launch it as root.

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Can you please open a terminal, run your command together with sudo.
When it is finished please copy the output of the terminal and post it here. If you post the output please mark the complete text and then format it as preformatted text to make it readable.


Type su to login as root in the terminal

Type in terminal the command :


it works but you can also type :

sudo -i

that works also, that is more a command probably more familiar for Ubuntu users, good to know it works though.