(Problem) One black and unresponsive screen monitor at every boot up (dual monitor - Laptop)


I’m running EndeavourOS in this laptop.

When i boot my laptop this is the screen that i see:

The black screen on the right is from the laptop monitor, in which i can not open nor see any program, is completely unresponsive, however the left monitor works like a charm. I can not work on the right monitor until i do the following:

  1. Open Arandr on the left monitor
  2. Deactivate the laptop monitor (eDP-1-1)
  3. Confirm modification
  4. Activate the laptop monitor (eDP-1-1)
  5. Confirm modification
  6. Monitor working like it should until i reboot


I have been looking around on ways to fix this but so far have no luck, i have been using this temporary solution but i don’t want to do this everytime i boot.

Last boot log

Thanks in advance.

Hey mate and welcome to the forum. I think you have to add it to your config though I can’t really answer it any more than this. I haven’t used i3wm for very long before. I’ll see if I can find anything for you, but hopefully someone a bit more knowledgeable will come along and answer better soon.
Have you had a read of this?

Hi Smokey, thanks for your welcome and your reply,

Yes i have read that post, i forgot to mention that i have already configured the script to setup displays, more especifically this one in the config file on i3

start a script to setup displays #
uncomment the next line, use arandr to setup displays and save the file as monitor:
exec --no-startup-id ~/.screenlayout/monitor.sh

Without this, only the eDP-1-1 monitor would work at boot. i have also tried creating a new monitor.sh file.

Perhaps it has something to do with Nvidia driver and the fact that this laptop has dual GPU?, i don’t use the intel integrated graphic card and i’m only running with the nvidia one, i used the optimus manager to get this. i’m not much of a tech savy so i can not be sure.

Anyway thanks a lot for taking the time to answer, i really appreciate it :grin:

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