Problem on SMplayer video thumbnail generator using MPV v37

Hi all,

I have updated to the latest EOS and realised mpv is on version 37. When using smplayer for thumbnail generating, it clashed and gave a general error message: “The following error has occurred while creating the thumbnails: The file /tmp/smplayer_preview/00000001.png doesn’t exist”

Looking the mpv log, I realised mpv version 37 no longer recognised --video-aspect option. Question: is this correct? However, the latest smplayer ver 23.12 is still using the string for generation.
Solution: Downgrade back mpv ver 36…

Question: Which is better? Downgrade mpv and EOS yay can take care the various dependency of the libraries OR restore EOS from system backup and deny/exclude mpv package during the next upgrade. Thanks for sharing