Problem deleting files from documents folder

Hello everybody.

thanks for the help so far and I hope this question isn’t way too stupid, as I am still digging into Linux rights management.

After Windows recovery deleted my backup disk I was able to copy the deleted files with help from testdisk and recover them. After the process finished I formatted the old data grave, removing the last remains of Windows (pondering to switch became will to switch after that incident) and giving it a Linux file system. Then I copied all files back to the data grave HDD.
Now when I want to delete the recovered files from my documents folder (that’s where I copied them for easy finding) in Dolphin I get an “access denied to trash” error if I hit “del” or “can’t delete” error with “shift+del”. All files seem have root ownership (had to run testdisk with sudo, was that the cause?).

Where is the problem and what can I do? I’m running EOS with KDE.

Thanks in advance for the patience and pointers.

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Try changing the ownership from root to your user and see if it helps.

sudo chown -Rv $USER: /path/to/mountpoint

Replace /path/to/mountpoint with the actual path.

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Thanks, that helped. Also brought me one step closer to understand the different concepts with user rights between Windows and Linux. :slight_smile: Also the syntax and logic behind commands came bit clearer… Change Ownership… Got that one.
Now I can clean up and then sort out all emergency backups. I’m starting to feel home with EOS and Linux. :slight_smile:

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Glad you could resolve the issue and good luck on your Linux journey!

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