Printers not working

I have spent the last 4 hours trying to install my Epson XP-455 and an HP Envy-5020. Both appear in the settings-printer section, but can’t print a test page. I know from experience that there are two alternative settings for these printers (in Fedora) and they work fine, Endeavour finds them but can’t download the drivers. I also have the HP Device Manager showing but nothing happens when clicked. Up to this point, I thought Endeavour was the best, learning Arch without the hassle. So it looks like I will have to re-install Fedora unless I can find a solution. If the printers appear in the list, why would I need to install other packages?

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hello,cups is enabled or not

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first thing is to take a look if you need extra driver package to be installed, as we do not preinstall all available printer drivers.

yay -S epson-inkjet-printer-escpr

For HP printers some of them needs a propritary plugin downloaded and installed to make them work…

So printers are detected but the simple missing some code to work…

For HP printer use the hplip plugin installer to do so:

sudo pacman -S hplip
hp-setup -i

Since you might very much be a visual person like myself - I’ve found YouTube videos have assisted me most: Install a Network Printer in Arch Linux -

Another website that helped me install my Brother network printer -

USB connected printer → Do you have all these packages installed?

sudo pacman -S cups cups-filters cups-pdf ghostscript gsfonts foomatic-db-engine foomatic-db foomatic-db-ppds foomatic-db-nonfree foomatic-db-nonfree-ppds gutenprint foomatic-db-gutenprint-ppds system-config-printer

Enable cups:

sudo systemctl enableorg.cups.cupsd.socket
sudo systemctl start org.cups.cupsd.socket

*Open your file manager → /usr/share/ppd/HP
*Find an approriate PPD zip package, in my case I took hp-officejet_g85.ppd.gz, and double-click to open the zip
*Extract the PPD to your home directory
*Connect printer via USB and turn it on
*Open a terminal window and enter: sudo hp-setup -i → to start the HP Setup Utility

You’ll be asked
Enter number 0…2 for connection type (q=quit, enter=usb
) ? → Hit enter

Response will be depending your printer:
Using connection type: usb
Setting up device: hp:/usb/…?serial=…
Now wait a (in my case) long time for
Please enter a name for this print queue (m=use model name:’…’
, q=quit) ? → and enter the suggested name or any other you like and hit Enter again.

Now comes the error:
error: No PPD found for model … using old algorithm.
error: Unable to find an appropriate PPD file.
Would you like to specify the path to the correct PPD file to use (y=yes, n=no
, q=quit) ? → Type y to confirm and hit Enter.

*Now type the full path and filename of the previously extracted PPD file after
Please enter the full filesystem path to the PPD file to use (q=quit) :
So in my case it looked like /home/myusername/hp-officejet_g85.ppd

*Answer all remaining questions with a simple Enter and wait (again it might take a while) for the process to terminate.
By now you should have your HP printer listed under Configuration > Printers and a correctly printed test page in the printer tray … roblems#HP

I hope it works for you.

I had the same problem with my hp1018,you have to find another driver. I used

I’ve got a HP Envy 5030 and it works for me, even wirelessly. I think I set up up first via the Android App. Then I set up on the laptop using HP Device Manager Indeed make sure you’ve install CUPS and enabled it as a service