Printer always prints a page with "Classified" written on it

Hi, every time I try to print anything with my HP Deskjet Advantage 2376 it first prints a page with a big “Classified” title and driver and other software info despite me not wanting to print that. Already searched the internet but couldn’t find an answer on how to turn that off.

Aside from this annoying problem it prints fine.
I’m on KDE Plasma.

“I’m here to help”


That could work, but unfortunately the person who answered that question sent the instructions to do a factory reset privately to the OP. Fortunately the process is available on the internet, I’ll give it a try soon

Resetting the printer didn’t work for me, but then I went to check Hp Device Manager and I noticed this was set to classified, all I had to do was to set it to “no banner page” and now the problem is gone.


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