Primary screen swapped and games are starting wrong (Maybe because of this?)

Im using Endeavour OS with KDE Plasma desktop.
My second monitor resolution is 1920x1080 and my main 2560x1440.

When I select my main monitor to the primary one in the settings, my second monitor is the primary one and the same other way around.
But I can live with that, thats not the real problem.
My games are starting on my second monitor for no reason. Maybe because of this?
Even if I have steam and my mouse cursor on the screen where the game should be started.
I can move it to the right monitor. But it doesn’t really take over the resolution.
I can still only choose 1920x1080, although I could use 2560x1440 on this screen.
Anyone can help me finding a solution?
Can I set where a game should be started?:thinking:

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Not sure if this is relevant to your issue, but have you tried using ARandR (a gui front for xrandr).

There are a number of options you can set that might help you address what you’re trying to achieve (e.g., primary, active/inactive, resolution, placement).

And you can easily create save/load different configs for different use cases (gaming vs ???).

no I didnt try it yet. Im not shure what it is, but I’ll try it tomorrow.

How do I set these things? Its my third day on endeavour.

Ah in the gui I can set that?

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This YT clip isn’t directly on point but it may get you started down the right path with ARandR (the front end GUI for xrandr - which is the command line app under the hood). You’ll see what it looks like and quickly conclude it’s rather easy and intuitive to use.

For Arch, I believe it’s available in the “extra” repository, i.e., the AUR is not needed.

Ok, so this dont work either. If I set my main monitor to primary in the normal kde settings it will start there which is good. But my taskbar and my mini clock on the homescreen moves to my second monitor then.

Ok I just fixed it for rn.