Primary monitor not active on startup

Every time i turn my PC on, the primary monitor (Display Port) is not active.
It’s black and the secondary monitor (HDMI) on the left has all the apps and widgets that previously have been on the primary one.
The monitor is however detected, because when I go to system settings, I see that the option “activated” is not checked. When I activate it, it appears again, but I need to fix a couple of settings like setting it back to 240hz and going into Arandrd to space the screens out better because they overlap one another by default for whatever reason (which probably has nothing to do with my issue but it’s pretty weird so I decided not to leave that out)
I tried swapping ports for the main monitor, and that did not work.
I have no idea what else to try, did anybody else have a similar issue, and maybe has a fix?

First off a lot more information is needed in order for anyone to help you with this issue. Hardware information and desktop installed is extremely important. It is important that users check the resources available.