Primary monitor is always the leftmost regardless of "primary" setting

The problem is as the description. No matter how many times I toggle on and off the “primary” switch next to the laptop’s internal monitor, and click “Apply”, if I ever drag the external monitor onto the “left” of it, that’s where the taskbar appears, where the app menu pops up, where all apps show by default etc. etc.

To the point where as soon as a monitor is dragged onto the left, THAT’S exactly the moment the taskbar appears on that monitor.

Effectively; the “primary monitor” is determined purely by the arrangement, and the actual “primary monitor” setting is ignored.

To illustrate, in both these examples, the “primary monitor” is the monitor on the lefthand side in BOTH screenshots, in spite of the “primary” star showing up on the “laptop” monitor on the right in the 2nd example, and you can see “LG Electronics” does NOT have “primary” switched on.

System info

thats an issue with XFCE4… i see similar issues in cases… you need to set the panel to show on the display you want in the panel settings…
and in case it is better to use xrandr directly or arandr… and … in extra addition… lightdm the DM (login manager) also sets displays… i add display setup script in many cases to lightdm config (etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf)
display-setup-script=/etc/lightdm/ is xrandr script generated with arandr… i use the same script for lightdm to match the settings with the running DE …

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Thanks for that clue and prod, 90 degree rotated login screen on my profile monitor is irritating.

Thank you for the very quick response. I’ll try this again in about 2 weeks (it’s for a D&D session and everything’s already packed away) and let you know if it worked.