Praising EndeavourOS to the skies!

I have on two boards praised your work in making an Arch distro with which ANYBODY can install a plain vanilla Arch system with your choice of desktops.

No more 5 cans of Red Bull, or making a mistake and having /home turn to swap :cry:, or dealing with the (not all, but a lot. #NotAllArchUsers) unfriendly, “RTFM” guys on the Arch Forum.

It’s as easy to install, with Calamares, as Manjaro, which is as easy to install Ubuntu.

VERY well done!


Welcome at the forum!
And thanks for the flowers

Archlinux is Archlinux and they can run a forum on their own rules.

We do use Archlinux framework and repository, so they are our friends :vulcan_salute:


You know the old saying … “The Skies the limit” … “We shoot for the moon”

EndeavourOS aim for the universe … :rocket:


Big things are coming for Endeavour if the team continues on this path

As Linux users gain more understanding, many times they start migrating to Arch for the rolling experience and something new

There’s no better way to experience Arch right now than Endeavour. Manjaro is great too but it’s too heavily customized, Arco is another nice distro but it’s very quirky and bloated. Obviously there’s Arch itself but it’s for advanced users or masochists

Endeavour is the gold standard on how I currently measure distros as a relatively new user who can’t build anything on my own

Excellent job guys