Power off RTX graphics?

My notebook has integrated amd graphics + discrete (nvidia rtx 3050). I’d like to switch off the discrete gfx completely using https://github.com/geminis3/envycontrol

Do you know if there is a way to check if the nvidia graphics is actually powered off after switching gpu modes?

If it’s set to “Integrated” then the dGPU should be powered off.

Maybe try goverlay?

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You could use tools like powertop or tlp to monitor power consumption with and without nvidia graphics. If the nvidia graphics is powered off you should see a difference.

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Thanks for your suggestions, I’ll try both

are you wanting to turn the GPU on/off dynamically?

You could technically blacklist the dGPU drivers from loading and the GPU wont ever be enabled.

I want to turn off the rtx and only use the integrated radeon (I think that’s what envycontrol does), but I wanted to make sure it was really powered off and not just idle.

If you remove the Nvidia drivers and blacklist Nouveau then the GPU shouldnt ever be turned on if the goal is for it to be disabled entirely. That will prevent the kernel from even enabling the hardware so it will always be off.


Thanks so I wouldn’t even need envycontrol, that would be even simpler than I thought. I just hoped to be able to verify the “should” part :smile: but I guess powertop comes in handy for that.

Hardware cant be on if it cant be enabled in the first place right? :stuck_out_tongue: if you remove the ability for it to ever be on problem solved lol

That’s why I was asking, because I don’t know if not loading a driver is enough. I’ve heard even accessing sensors is enough to “wake” the gfx card. Things like Intel ME are always on… I just don’t know how these hardware things work.

:arrow_right: DISCLAIMER:
I don’t have any experience with hybrid graphics so I just put this here if it could bring some more insight in the issue.


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Thanks for your replies!

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not loading the driver is enough, the OS cant access the sensors if the driver for them isnt loaded. you can take a look at the link @pebcak posted which essentially does that


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