Power Management Options

Hi All,

I have noticed that the “When battery is critically low” option is missing in EndeavourOS Cinnamon. This is visible and configurable on Mint Cinnamon. I am wondering if anyone knows of a package I can install to add this option or perhaps a config file that I can modify that corresponds to the appropriate setting to configure this?


Hi @Plastic_Knight ,

yay -S mate-power-manager mate-desktop

Add to Startup Applications

mate-power-manager &


Trere are some – hopefully not crucial – errors at starting mate-power-manager.
Remove the original power manager icon from taskbar if this mate version suits you.

Thanks, but I’d much rather get the option in Cinnamon settings if possible rather than replacing it with and relying on mate-power-manager. If there anyway to achieve this so I mirrors the Cinnamon settings?

Alright, so I have discovered dconf-editor, which pretty much solves my problem with not having the settings.

However, whenever the system goes to hibernate on critical battery power, everything freezes up, which the forces me to do a hard shutdown.

Hibernate works fine in every other circumstance other than the battery being critical. Any ideas what is happening and how to fix?


I played around with this. It seems to work and maybe I changed more than you need.
So with dconf-editor changed
in org/cinnamon/cinnamon-session

 auto-save-sessin true
 prefer-hybrid-sleep true
 suspend-then-hybernate true

In /etc/systemd/sleep.conf
uncommented all lines under [Sleep]

Created a swap partition
journalctl -f
systemctl hybrid-sleep # tested from another terminal

Finally I let the laptop accumulator to discharge and when there was no blinking on power button I connected the charger.
I pressed power-on and life went on thru grub (journal window proceeded among the other ones).

Alright. Thanks heaps for your help. I have made these changes. All that’s left is to wait for my battery to die now. Fingers crossed.