Potentially stale files in /boot

Hi guys,

I was troubleshooting an issue with arch-update and found that there’s a bunch of stale files leftover in /boot/

See: https://github.com/Antiz96/arch-update/issues/74

Specifically: https://github.com/Antiz96/arch-update/issues/74#issuecomment-2013160918

Am I ok to remove these files (aside from the ucode), and how can this be prevented in the first place?

Can you share the output of pacman -Q | grep -E "grub|dracut|mkinitcpio"

notme@not-here:~$ pacman -Q | grep -E "grub|dracut|mkinitcpio"
dracut 059-6
kernel-install-for-dracut 1.10.1-1

Does this help?

In that case, EndeavourOS doesn’t create those file in /boot.

We write the images to /efi.

Also, there is no case where we would create files with some of those names. Some of those look like failed attempts to run dracut manually. Did you do something on the 28th trying to troubleshoot something?

Likely? I do not remember.

I switched from grub/mkinitcpio to systemd-boot/dracut a year ago but I still have microcode in /boot

Is this how it should be or did I miss a command when following your instructions to switch?

That is normal because the package puts the file there.

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So I am ok removing the extra files from /boot?

Yes, definitely.

I appreciate it.

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