Possible to use kcm-wacomtablet on other DEs?

XFCE is my favorite, but I’ve been drawn to KDE because of kcm-wacomtablet. XFCE has no tablet GUI at all, you have to use xsetwacom for everything which is a real pain in the ass and very unintuitive imo.

Is there a way to use kcm-wacomtablet on XFCE for example?

I am aware of opentabletdriver on the AUR but my tablet isn’t supported and when I checked their discord it sounds like they’ve tried to add support for it before and it didn’t go anywhere, so that won’t be of much use to me for a while.

Sure, you could install it but it would bring in half of plasma as dependencies.

I already have both installed at the moment, anyway. Just haven’t figured out how to access it on XFCE, if I even can.

Try running:

kcmshell5 wacomtablet
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Welp, I wasn’t expecting it to be that easy. Thanks!

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No problem. If you have plasma installed, you could also run systemsettings and open the entire settings application. It probably isn’t needed in this case though.

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