Possible to downgrade ICU?

I’m using subtitlecomposer from AUR but this has problems building against icu 75.

So can i downgrade ICU to make this build possible?

If not the only option left is to use appimage of this program, but it is not up to date.

You could try the subtitlecomposer-git package, and if that doesn’t work you can try editing it’s pkgbuild so that it’ll give you the qt6 version of subtitlecomposer which should compile properly for you.

There’s also this package: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/subtitlecomposer-nopocketsphinx-git

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It’s not advised to downgrade icu, mostly due to the near couple hundred of other packages that need it. Everything in Arch Core/Extra is up to date to handle it.

See the “Required by” link on it’s package page, and expand it.

Maybe distrobox?


well i tried that all, no luck. There are still compile errors related to the source and i do not know enough of c++ to make it work.
The maintainer even state that it is currently not possible to compile against ICU 75 so i guess i have to wait and use the appimage in the meantime.

I thought so that it is not possible to downgrade, thanks for your answer.

you don’t need to know c++ to use the qt6 version, actually it turns out you don’t even need to edit the pkgbuild either cuz there are qt6 packages on aur.

I just tried for fun to see if i could compile this package.

yay -S subtitlecomposer-qt6 compiled fine for me.


Mm that wasn’t there last there last time i checked but it is indeed available, thanks.

However this is not from the original maintainer as a note

Edit: this compiles perfectly, thanks!

Edit2: while this works, none of the video files will play in the qt6 version, audio works well

Yeah, it seems it was added yesterday after i made my first post in this thread, cuz i checked back then and the qt6 packages weren’t there.

The subtitlecomposer-qt6-git version play videos

i reported this issue to the maintainer and he fixed this in the standard version (compiling as we speak)

Edit: this works!


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