Possible Gnome 43 bug

Hi All. Upgrade to Gnome 43 seems to have gone pretty well. The only issue that I’m seeing is the drop down from the corner menu is all out of what like pictured. I’m sure I’ve seen this before but can’t for the life of me recall how or why. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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Are you using the gnome stock icons or any other icon themes? Did you also make any changes in a config file or settings to scale qt or GTK apps?

For example in .Xresources or .profile folders. I used to use these to scale things on i3 wm

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For me it was a worthwhile upgrade, even though not 100% but I am confident the team will solve those little niggles.

I am seeing the power dropdown icon get pushed off screen (to the right) after a while using it, but I suspect that is related to all my top bar extensions jockeying for position. So I would call it a bug, but it needs further investigation with enabling/disabling extensions. For now it looks ok.


Overall I preferred the previous version of the quick menu. This one I have a hard time following and icons are too big.

I have one bug in settings under wifi when I click under extended settings it crashes my window. Will investigate further

Same here.
But as good Gnomie, i’ll adapt :wink: :sweat_smile:

Looks like you have a theme that isn’t updated for Gnome 43. @Ekstreme @HMS_Endeavour that’s what themes that aren’t updated look like.

I generally do to, but I think the reason is the old one didn’t work well for Touch input. Gnome tends to try balance between touch/mouse/keyboard inputs but I think this new one needs just a bit more tuning

They are big, but not as big as my browser extensions.

I will be interested to see how your investigation goes. I find the scroll mouse control a little jittery, so for now I am using the touchpad finger swiping and dragging rather than the mouse. It has not disturbed my workflow too much, but it takes some getting used to like everything.

When using a using a mouse intensive program, I tweak the settings to get the maximium efficiency out of each workflow according to my use case. That’s why I can live with the little niggly complaints about Gnome 43, in exchange for the dramatic improvement in workflow efficiency.

Thanks for the tips all. So I set all the themes back to default - Adwita (Default) including icons.
Though the colours certainly change, the icons are still as pictured above.

Actually, I found the fix. Reinstalling gnome-shell has updated the menu to the newer one.

Yeah, your shell theme wasn’t gnome 43. When you reinstall shell it reinstalls the gdm/shell theme.