Possible fix for sleep/suspend issue for nvidia proprietary drivers to be added to nvidia-inst?

is there any disadvantage to adding this script to nvidia-inst? i think it would make it a better out-of-the-box experience for users.


@manuel ?
Not sure if this is something that will be needed for a long term… could be it will get included to be set default any time soon.

And there are some other kernel boot options / module options that could get included to be set optional.

options nvidia_drm modeset=1 fbdev=1

options nvidia NVreg_PreserveVideoMemoryAllocations=1

options nvidia NVreg_Mobile=1

and others.

if it is possible to add such as options like nvidia-inst -fbdev e.t.c. it could be added into the manpage/helpfile to give the info, or we could also go to improve the discovery wiki pages for nvidia.
Every user should be able to handle such tasks manually … adding config regenerate things enable services…

and welcome @najdu :enos:
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Interesting post.
To add such features to nvidia-inst would require it to be generally useful, which may not be easy. Currently we don’t have enough hardware to test all cases.

So, for now, we need more testing by users with their hardware to catch all possible issues when using these settings.
We need to test all this with at least: wayland, x11, dracut, mkinitcpio, and with the most common kernels. Also, we need to test with various Intel and AMD CPUs, and various Nvidia GPUs.


so as i was thinking not easy :wink:
Better to go the tutorial path and write it down for the wiki.
Seems cachyOS added this in a fix somehow…

seems this is where the reddit post copy pasted this from…