Possible error in .iso's install script

Hi, distro-hopping linux noob here, just wanted to let you know that I had a problem with the new iSO. When it tried to mount my DVD burner during boot-up, it failed to mount it at archiso/bootmnt and shell’ed out on me. I was able to figure out how mount works and mount it manually, exit and let script continue (am writing this on my shiny new Endeavour OS laptop) but just wanted to let you know there’s a problem there. Dunno if it’s merely a timing/spin-up delay problem or you just need to replace …/…/ with …/ or an absolute pathname (relative pathnames are iffy in scripts), but thought you should know. Thanks for all the hard work!

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  • Did you use an ISO image mounted?
  • Did you use USB pen drive?
  • Or did you use DVD/CD burned by you?

downloaded .iso, burned it onto a DVD, changed my laptop bootup to boot to it, rebooted. Booted up fine, as usual, started running script, got stuck at “waiting 30 seconds” message, failed to mount and dropped me to a shell prompt.

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I will check on this tomorrow.
Also I do test ISO burned on DVD already.
Thanks for report!

Welcome! Glad you got everything working! It’s not perfect, but if you found an issue, we’ll gladly test and try to replicate and fix your issue! Glad to have you here!

just writing this from DVD ISO boot using K3b to burn to DVD-RW on UEFI system.
I do not see any issue, logs are clean.
How do you burn ISO? what app used for it and what type of DVD is used?

That’s how I did it lol.

DVD iso (check-summed), used K3b burn on UEFI system (Asus ROG GL702VM).

It was an external USB DVD burner, if that makes any difference, but oh well, thanks for taking a look.