Positioning of the tint2 panel

Hi, I installed Openbox Community Edition and I really like it, however I’m having a strange problem, I can’t move the panel to the top, the panel keeps staying at the bottom despite it being set correctly in the tint2rc file to:

panel_position = top center horizontal

any idea why the setting doesn’t apply? obviously I restarted tint2 after the change.

Are you editing the tint2rc file manually or using tint2conf. If you edit the tint2rc file manually while tint2 is running I believe it will overwrite what you changed.

To change this, set panel_dock = 0 in ~/.config/tint2/tint2rc. Then restart tint2 using: killall tint2 && tint2 &


Change the dock position in Openbox Configuration Manger. This is seems to be the best option as it keeps the aspect of other settings. Such as window size on maximize.

Thank you! the change applied by the openbox configuration manager in the Dock section by setting the position to “top” did the job. Good job.

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