Portable AMP/DACs


I’m in need of something to improve audio quality on multiple devices. My phone is mediocre, but usable, though doesn’t drive my 48 olm headphones. My laptop (T450), which was bought off of a German refurbisher, sounds like someone’s using one of those radio receivers with a speaker you’d get in a cereal box through a walkie talkie to play music to me, when headphones or earbuds are plugged in. The speakers are perfectly usable, I just prefer headphones. Never owned a ThinkPad before, so not sure if it’s normal or not.

Keep in mind that my knowledge about audio is minimal, in no way I’m an audiophile, I just want something better. My current choice is Fiio BTR5, though I don’t care for the whole 2.5 balanced output thing, since I can’t use it. Has seamless Bluetooth and USB functionality which sold me on it. A dedicated app to manage settings by the looks of it, but we all love apps for our separate devices, right? :slightly_smiling_face: :gun: It’s about my price range as well, I really wouldn’t go over over that.

Anyone using something akin to the BTR5? Fiio seems to be far from the only one making devices like this, so any recommendations or suggestions would be welcome.


Depending on your budget a lot of them end up being pretty much the same, Fiio is a pretty good choice and i wouldnt stress about it too much if youre buying a reputable brand and not some knock off stuff or something.

Almost every portable DAC/AMP tests exactly or just about exactly the same so just pick what you like and has the features you want. Youre gonna see a lot of Fiio, Topping and Audioquest. Those would be your brands and id just pick one of them because its not going to matter a ton

this site is a good place to look for info https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php


I’ll say though my portable DAC/amp/pmp is an Xduoo X3II. Its not technically the best but works well for me

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