Popular, I know about popular


Forgive me for this very camp reference and that in the middle of a community with a slight tendancy to love rock music.
In my defence, I’m on a campingsite in a tent on a rainy and windy day, so your brain tends to go to places that surprises you.

The reason for this campy and happy feeling is that I woke up with a pleasant surprise, our community had a growspurt overnight. So, I treated myself to a proper real man’s coffee with the music of falling raindrops on the canvas… Read after a couple of failed attempts to light the portable camping cooker and discovering that I left my lighter outside in the rain, I finally got the cursed thing working to brew the Italian coffeemaker, well… after I kicked over the little filter thing that was already filled with grounded coffee and water… I love camping :grin:

I think I can speak for all the devs over here that we are very pleased to welcome all the new members.
Perhaps I’m reading or sensing things that aren’t there, but I couldn’t help noticing a slight grudge towards a certain distro.
To be honest, I don’t care and I don’t want to know the reason behind it, I’m just happy about you being able to find us and your decision to reinforce this friendly community.

I don’t think I have to point out that we treat each other with respect over here and stupid questions, even though some questions have been asked a lot over here, don’t exist.
Just remember how you felt when an update borked the system, back in the days when Arch was an enigma.
But who am I telling this, a seasoned bunch of Linux users with each a fantastic state of service in helping people. So keep up what you were doing and start your new journey with us.

And now I’m going back in trying to convince my loving other half to go out to dinner, instead of preparing it on this magic eight ball cooker…

Have fun and enjoy the summer!

Welcome everyone


French translation: Populaire, je sais ce que c'est d'être populaire


couldn’t connect the two people (one green) with camp

a sci-fi reference?

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The title from this post is from a song performed in the musical Wicked, so does the image.

the movie “West Side Story” stands out in my recollection of musicals. “Grease”, “Rocky Horror Show”, “Paint your Wagon”, “Fiddler on the Roof”, “Little Shop of Horrors”, and “Phantom of the Opera” are also favorites of mine, Haven’t been much of a live stage production attendee. Lucky for me, Broadway hits crossover into becoming movies. Internet searching revealed that “Wicked” might become a movie.

Almost left out “Wizard of Oz”, “Chicago”, and “All that Jazz”

(seeing someone green-skinned, a sci-fi reference pops up for me. Does “Streets of Fire” count as a musical?)


Not regular musicals per se, but lovely music driven movies:

Hedwig and the angry inch



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