Pop Up Clipboard Software

There is a feature in Windows 10 that I love. It’s a Pop Up Clipboard that shows the last 20 plus copies you’ve made. It shows up when you press Meta+V

Is there any such package in Arch? Or a recommendation that could achieve this?

Many DEs have their own clipboard managers but you have to install them.
For Xfce for example, install the clipman package and the clipman plugin.

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That’s why Plasma is so superior , everything is inbuilt . It does have this function and many more . Editing clipboard content and showing QR codes are examples .

Edit : You can install xfce4-clipman-plugin if you use XFCE . But I didn’t use it because it saved clipboard contents on shutdown even after I disabled it :man_shrugging:


I don’t have my laptop with me, where would I access this function?

You have plasma ??

Yes I do.

Klipper will has a tray icon , right click on it and select configure clipboard . The icon will be shown when you copy something and looks like a small notepad if Breeze is the theme . Set Clipboard history size to your desired number .

Set Timeout for actions popups zero if it seems annoying

Set shortcuts in Shortcuts tab

There is an option Open Klipper at Mouse Position in shortcuts tab . Using this shortcut a list of clipboard selections will popup where the mouse pointer is and you can choose previous options in it @mdoverl . i.e. A Popup Clipboard