Polybar's `pulseaudio` not working

Issue: Absence of [module/pulseaudio] Display in Polybar

Greetings everyone! I trust you’re all doing well.

It’s been a while since I last reached out for assistance, as everything had been running smoothly on my Endeavour OS (i3WM) setup.

Overview of Configuration:

I’m utilizing a dual monitor setup, and to initialize Polybar on both monitors, I rely on the following startup script:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

polybar-msg cmd quit

if type "xrandr"; then
  for m in $(xrandr --query | grep " connected" | cut -d" " -f1); do
    MONITOR=$m polybar --reload bar1 &
  polybar --reload bar1 &

Moreover, the excerpt below from config.ini showcases the configuration details for the pulseaudio module:

modules-right = filesystem custom_mem cpu pulseaudio battery date
type = internal/pulseaudio
click-right = pavucontrol

format-volume-foreground = ${colors.primary} 
format-volume = <ramp-volume> <label-volume>
format-muted = <label-muted> <label-volume>

label-volume = %{T4}%percentage%%%{T-}
label-volume-foreground = ${colors.foreground}
label-muted = 
label-muted-foreground = ${colors.disabled}

ramp-volume-0 = 
ramp-volume-1 = 
ramp-volume-2 = 
ramp-volume-3 = 
ramp-volume-4 = 
ramp-volume-5 = 

Issue Description:

Despite maintaining the same configuration for the past few months without any alterations to the Polybar setup, the [module/pulseaudio] has abruptly ceased to display. While all other modules continue to function as expected, this particular module has vanished from view. I’ve diligently reviewed the configuration but have been unable to pinpoint the cause of this behavior. Additionally, I’m confident that all necessary dependencies, such as libpulse, required to utilize and exhibit this module, are installed.

If you’re inclined to review my Dotfiles, please feel free to do so.

Attached is an image depicting the issue encountered:

Thank you for your time and assistance in resolving this matter!

Seasonal greetings @NotABot ,
(In terminal:)

killall polybar
polybar bar1

told you why pulseaudio was blocked.

format-volume-prefix = "VOL "
format-volume-foreground = ${colors.primary} 
format-volume = <ramp-volume> <label-volume>
format-muted-prefix = "  "
format-muted-prefix-foreground = "#ff0000"
format-muted-foreground = ${colors.foreground}
format-muted-background = ${colors.background}

These lines cover the problem.

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